Sand Blasting

Sand blasting - the best way to clean steel

Sand blasting is a technique to clean steel for rust and old paint. It is by far the best cleaning method for this purpose. Sand blasting is done by means of air under high pressure, blowing sand or other minor particles onto a steel surface. The blasting removes rust, old paint or other undesirable coating on the subject.

At Duusgaard we recently introduced new facilities for sandblasting of small as well as larger items. The environmentally approved facilities consists of three cabins used for various types of blasting.

In our main cabin, we use “steel grit” for the most demanding tasks. Steel grit are angular blasting particles that effectively removes rust and old paint while ensuring a roughness of the surface, which is necessary for subsequent paint treatment.

Besides the large main cabin, the blow hall contains two smaller cubicles where we blow respectively glass beads and corundum. These are primarily used for tasks were the surface do not require any further treatment, for example for stainless steel and minor parts in enclosed environments such as engine components.
In addition, we have mobile facilities for blasting in fixed installations in the industry and on ships wherever they may be situated.


Sand blasting

Sand Blasting is mostly used to clean steel and concrete.

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